Woofstory is a forum where every dog lovers from all around the world are welcome to share stories about their beloved dog, learn from each other, exchange useful information, and hopefully, will become a place where friendship among dog lovers can grow.

Hi, my name is Lisa, and welcome to Woofstory.

Living with dogs for as long as I can remember make me learn more and more about this beautiful, fascinating, and loyal creature. Now, I have 3 wonderful boy. Cleo (a 9 years old Siberian Husky), Arthur (5 years old Golden Retriever), and Jayden, my youngest (8 months old Alaskan Malamute). myboysActually, Arthur passed away on February 2015. I was about to say I have 2 wonderful boy, but I can’t bring myself to do it. Because for me he will always live. So yea, I have 3 boys. And for first few pages of this blog, I will share my stories with them. Most of them are happy and funny stories, some are sad. Some are silly, and some are even a little bit embarrassing.

I do want you to get to know them and see how adorable they are (yes, yes, i know i’m biased.. But hey, that’s a mother’s prerogative rights, right? Right.) but most of all, I hope what I learn from every experience I have with them can also be a useful lesson and information for you.

I’d love to learn a thing or two from you as well, though. So please, do join me on the discussion, and share your experience on the related topics.

That’s all from me, and I’ll see you on the next page.



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