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How to Choose a Dog Breeder

For each and every breed we’ve known, there are hundreds of breeder out there that offer to sell their litter. Picking the best one might be tricky, especially if this is your first time. One thing I believe you need to remember is, do not get fooled by pictures. Some breeder might offer to deliver… Continue reading How to Choose a Dog Breeder

Adopt a new puppy · Adopting Dog From Local Dog Shelter

Adopting a Dog From Local Shelter

So you consider to adopt a puppy from local dog shelter. This is AWESOME. Those dogs need more people like you around the globe to help and give them a new loving home. Dogs that are saved by the animal rescue officer are sent to the local shelter after they’re being treated by vets. When I… Continue reading Adopting a Dog From Local Shelter

Adopt a new puppy · Dogs and Climate

Dogs and Climate

What does climate has to do with choosing a dog? As you might already aware, dogs have higher body temperature compared to human. While normal temperature for human are around 97-99°F (36.1-37.2°C), healthy dog body temperature are ranged between 101-102.5°F (38.3-39.2°C) according to AKC (American Kennel Club). If you live in a country with high… Continue reading Dogs and Climate