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Dog House – Factory made

Yesterday we discussed about DIY dog house. For you who happen to be familiar with woodworking or doesn’t mind going all the trouble finding a carpenter to make one for you, of course this might be an ideal option.

But for you who choose a more simple, convenient, and cheaper way of providing a dog house for your pooch, you can just buy a factory made dog house.

Factory made dog house comes in a LOT of different shape and size. All you need to do is find a pet store (online or offline) and take your pick. For a small breed dog, of course the option are wider since your pooch will be able to use either a small or big size dog house.

I found this some of theses pretty cool outdoor dog house that might be suitable for your dog or puppy. I’m not against plastic made products and I’m sure some of them comes with an excellent quality. But personally I’m not a big fan of it, so I won’t discuss that here.


This one is Extra Large Dog House Hinged Roof Outdoor Shelter Kennel Indoor Home Animal Red. The design is quite simple and since it has a removable floor and roof, which will make it easier for you to clean. It has reinforced floor that can hold up to a 140 pound dog. It has raised floor and the plastic feet to keep the moisture out. This dog house is made from kiln dried ceder and treated with natural color stain.

dog-house-heaterThis two already come with installed heater so during cooler months, you no longer has to worry about your dog’s comfort. The first one is
Heated Dog House Weather Resistant Wood Large Outdoor Pet Shelter Cage Kennel. Made from fir wood and it comes in many size from small to extra large. The second one is
Heated Wood Dog House Large Shingle Roof Rustic Woodstone Pet Kennel Heater. Its also made from fir wood and personally I think the brick design make it look a little bit more elegant.

heaterIf you already set your eyes on some design, but unfortunately it doesn’t have a heater, you can install Akoma Hound Heater Dog House, which is used by most of dog house that comes with an installed heater. It’s also used by both of the dog house I’ve shown you above. Akoma is not only providing heater for your dog house. They also have a cooling fan for a warmer weather. It’s called Akoma Hound Breezer Deluxe. If you only need one type of temperature controller unit, you might want to go for this items, because cost wise it will be cheaper for you. But if you need both heater and cooler, you might want to consider getting Doghouse Heater Air Conditioner for All Outdoor Pets Climateright CR2500ACH.

double-dog-houseHaving 2 dogs but don’t want to waste more money buying 2 dog house? You can always go for this type of dog house. ThisDouble Dog House Extra Large Wood Duplex will save a little bit of space in your yard compared to having 2 dog house. Cost wise, it should also be cheaper than getting 2 dog house. This dog house also made from wood, both roof and flooring are removable to make it easier to clean.

s-l500 (5)Other option is to buy the plan for the dog house. And then after that, you will need to buy the materials separately. This plan from Dog House Pet Kennel Plans will describe a step by step process in detail to make your dog house from scratch. What you get when you buy the plan is on paper instruction, not the real dog house.

How about if you decide to keep your dog indoor? Well obviously you will have more option, not only for the design, but also from materials. Here are a few adorable indoor dog house made from fabrics that I found absolutely adorable.

Cow pattern dog house


Yellow/Brown Strawberry in S, M, L

Home sweet Home
Brick House
Strawberry in S, M, L

s-l1600 (1)
Pink Strawberry

s-l500 (1)
And below, are double function indoor dog house/furniture that will can save some space in your home, but still stylish.


  1. Cat/Dog Washroom House Furniture Box
  2.  Pet Crate Table Locked Bed Stylish Puppy House
  3. Pet Dog Cat House Litter Box Cover Furniture
  4. Indoor Pet House Espresso End Table
  5. Dog House Kennel End Table Crate Gate 2 in 1 . This one is absolutely got my vote. It’s not only used as end table and dog house, but you can also remove the top and bottom part, to turn it into a small room divider.
  6. Cat Dog Pet Bed House Furniture Soft Warm Cushion Nest
  7. Wooden Pet Crate End Table Kennel Cage
  8. Ottoman Foot Rest Pet House Stool
  9. Indoor Dog Pet House Wooden Furniture
  10. Pet House Washroom Night Stand End Table

Alright, we discussed enough about dog house, both DIY and factory made. I hope I provide you with sufficient information to help you choose which one is the best for your pooch. Have a great day, and I’ll see you tomorrow.


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