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DIY Dog House

Interested in building a dog house for your new puppy? If you have a large space on your back/front yard and a budget to cover it, basically the sky is your limit. You can make any type of dog house start from the regular type to those that look like a mansion, or even a miniature of your own house if you so desire it.

Familiar with woodworking? You can make your own dog house from plywood, building it from scratch that I’m sure will give you a bigger satisfaction when it’s finally done. I found this 2 video that might inspire you if you’re interested in a DIY dog house.

The good thing about making your own dog house is that you can make it in any shape, size, or color you prefer.

You can adjust it’s size with the available size of your back/front yard, make a removable roof to make it easier for you to clean it and many other adjustment that you might not be able to get with a factory made dog house. You can hire a carpenter to make it for you if you are not familiar with woodworking. All you need to do is provide them with a design.


As for the materials needed to make the dog house, you can either have the carpenter buy everything and just charge you with the overall price (labor+materials) or you can ask them to measure how much materials required to finish the project and buy it from your trusted hardware store. Either way, there’s a few things you might need to remember if you’re going to build your own dog house.

  • Make sure all the surface is smooth, no wood splinter or sharp nails.
  • Use a good quality material. This might require you to spend more cash, but in the long run a good quality wood will last longer than a low quality one.
  • It would be better if your dog house have some footing (distance) from the ground.
  • After the dog house is finished, give it a week or two before you let your dog use it. So they won’t inhale or lick any residue of chemical products (paints, varnish, etc.) that’s been used to make the house.
  • Make a dog house instead of a puppy house, especially if you get a large breed dog. Your dog will only stay little for a very short time. So make something that they will still be able to use when they grow up. And make a reasonable size where they can move comfortably or at least turn around easily.
  • Don’t go for a design that need to be permanently plant on the ground, just in case you need to move out to a new home someday. This way, you still can take the dog house with you.
  • Don’t install a light bulb inside your dog house. Dog can see in the dark much better than human, so if you want to provide your dog with enough light, just install one outside the house. Light bulbs are hot, so it will hurt them instead if they accidentally sniff or touch it.
  • Provide the dog house with heater or air conditioner if you aim to give them as much comfort as possible. You can try Doghouse Heater Air Conditioner for All Outdoor Pets Climateright CR2500ACH.
  • Go for a design that’s easy for you to clean. And don’t put any materials that they might chew on like curtains, plastic plants, etc. They might look pretty on the house, but it will be bad for your dog’s tummy if they eat it.

DIY dog house are not only applyable for outdoor dog. Indoor dog can have their own house too. While placing a real dog house might take too much space inside your house, you can use any unused space you have. Places like under the stairs, coffee table, unused cupboard, under your bed or any other unused space you can spare, can be turn into a comfortable resting place for your puppy. Take a look at a few ideas on picture below


So what do you think? Ready to make your own DIY dog house for your new little puppy? Share some of your thought on the comment box below.


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