Welcoming the New Puppy

Welcoming The New Puppy

Preparing your home for the arrival of a puppy, in a way are kinda similar with when you prepare to welcome a new baby. But when usually the later takes maybe months before the big day finally comes, getting your house ready for a new puppy probably will only takes a few days if you already know what to buy and do.

If this is your first time having a puppy, then you might wanna keep reading.

Hype.. Hype.. Hype.. This is exactly what I feel when I was preparing my boys arrival. But doing everything in 1 day won’t be enough. There’s always something that I might forget to get, or maybe just not available at the pet store at that time. So apart from the dogfood, I would recommend you to prepare at least 1 week of a few days before the new puppy arrive.

There are stuff to buy and there are stuff to rearrange. First lets sort out what you need to buy. Back then when I was preparing for Arthur’s arrival, here is the list of the items I bought.doggie-shopping

  • Dog food
  • Food/Drink bowl
  • Grooming products
  • Harness/Collar and Leash
  • Toys
  • Crate/Bed/Dog house

And as my boys are staying indoor, I rearrange some of the furniture and stuff I have at home. Yep, you need to make your house into a puppy proof house. A puppy won’t be able to tell which one is a US$5 flip flop and which one is US$500 leather shoes. So be sure you move all of your favorite stuff out of their reach. If your puppy end up chewing on your favorite shoes, you only have yourself to blame. If they chew on something they are not suppose to chew on, it’s not only bad for you, but it’s also bad for them. Those stuff that enter their tummy have a potential to harm their digestive organs.

Also remember to remove sharp tools, electric cords, chemical products, or any other small objects that they might accidentally swallowed.

If you’re bringing home a large breed puppy, and you have slippery tiles at home like those that made from marbles, you might want to consider covering it with rubber carpet. It is important to make sure your puppy can walk and running around without getting slipped to often. Because if they do, there’s a chance it will affect their bones structure

s-l500 (3)I have my floor covered with Diamond Grip Resilient Flooring Mat. I know the color isn’t too flattering, but it get the jobs done. My boys can run around without me being worried they might get slipped, and it’s also easy to clean, unlike regular carpets that are made from fiber. To clean it up, I only need to vacuum it daily and brush it once in a few days. Believe me, when your puppy just arrive at home, they have no clue where to do their business. Potty training will take a while. Using fiber carpet will give you problems when they accidentally pee or poo, not to mention the stain might be hard to clean especially when their tummy isn’t being friendly at the time they drop the bomb (sorry).

If you decide to keep the puppy outdoor, remember to put away all of your gardening products and tools. 

Build or buy a rack if necessary to make sure all of those stuff are out of their reach. If you’re using pesticide on your plants, please be really really careful. Place your flower pots in a place where they can’t reach. Pesticides, fertilizers, and other chemical gardening products are highly poisonous and deadly if your puppy accidentally lick it.

puppy-wrecking-gardenI remember Arthur’s breeder once told me that one of the puppy he sold was dead after a few days being adopted by her new parents. She was playing in the garden and accidentally lick or eat some plants that was sprayed with pesticide. She died a horrible death where blood was coming out both from her nose and mouth. And she was having convulsions before she finally draw her last breath. So please be very careful and don’t let this happen to your puppy.

Also if you plan to keep your dogs outdoor, you might want to consider building them a dog house as a shelter to protect them from unfriendly weather. If you can feel uncomfortable when constantly exposed by direct sunlight, pouring rain, or falling snow, so does your dog. Maybe you will say something like, well dogs in the wilderness live perfectly fine with any kind of weather they encounter. Let me ask you this. Does your dog live in a wilderness? Or are they a house pet, a part of your family, and your companion?

Interested in building a house for your dogs? I found some interesting ideas for a house dog you might want to check out.

For me, Cleo, Arthur and Jayden are my children. Therefore I want to provide them with a happy and comfortable life the best way I can. Some people say I spoiled my boys rotten and out of proportion. But hey, I bring them home to be a part of my family so I’m responsible to give them the best care, right?

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