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Dry Dog Food

Dry dog food I believe are the most common type of food that’s used by dog owner. I actually use dry dog food as well for my boys. There are many other type of food that you can choose to give to your beloved dogs. But for me, I choose to give mine kibbles because they are simple, convenient, they can eat whenever they want without me being worried the food is already spoiled when they eat it, I can also use it as treats when I’m training them and cost wise they are more affordable.

orijenLike I already mention before on the previous topic about best dog food to give to your dog, I give Orijen Adult Grain Free for Cleo and Orijen Large Breed Puppy for Jayden. Of course there are a lot of good brands out there in the market like Acana , Canidae, Wellness Core, and many others for you to choose. One thing you need to remember about picking the right dog food for your dogs is that usually quality comes with a price. Also don’t forget to read a lot of other’s people testimonials, and consult with your vet or breeder.

When you decide to go for a certain brand, I’d suggest try the smallest package first and see how your dog’s reaction to it. Are their stomach agree to it, do they got any allergies because of it, or do they like the taste. A good dog food should improve their overall health, appetite, coat and skin. What works for other dogs doesn’t always mean that it will be good for yours too. So paying attention to their reaction is very important.

Storing dry dog food are very easy. All you need is a container with a tight lid.

Don’t leave your dog food in their packaging sacks, especially if you’re buying the large size. The smell of the food can attract pests like rodents, ants, or bugs. Are you familiar with Leptospirosis ? It’s a disease caused by a bacteria that are carried by animals such as rodents. This is a very dangerous problems that can lead to death if being untreated.

s-l500 (4)To keep my dog food safe from uninvited pests, I use Large Combo Airtight Rolling Wheels Fresh Pet Food Storage Container. I like this container because I can move it anywhere I want easily, thanks to the wheels. It also comes with it’s own scoop. But most importantly, it’s air-tight, and made from excellent materials. I’ve been using this container for years and I honestly happy with my purchase.

Actually I have a friend who got their container for free, sponsored by some brand (I forgot which one, sorry) when they bought a large size dog food from a pet store. But of course, I was never that lucky. So yea, I kinda need to pay for everything. -_-‘

When buying a dry dog food, you need to be certain the expired date is still long due. Some stores might offer discount for their almost expired dog food, but I personally choose to buy my boys’s food in it’s regular price with safe expired date. Wherever you decide to buy your dog food, online or offline store, make sure they have money back guarantee if the food they send you have bugs or maggots inside it.

isolated-dog-food_jg9rzkI actually have a personal experience with this kind of issue. I bought a large sack of dog food, and when I got home and open it, there are bugs and maggots inside. The expiration date is still long due. Maybe the store keep it in a humid room, I’m not sure.

A good dog food are made from meat, so therefore it will be spoiled when it being kept for too long in a humid room.

You know what, this is what the seller use as an excuse. He said that those maggots and bugs are a sign that the dog food I bought are a good quality one. So it’s normal for it to have those bugs inside. How crazy is that??? When I brought it back to the store and ask for an exchange (I didn’t even ask the guy to give me back my money), he said he will open another sacks, but if the result is the same, I will have to take it as it is. He even mention that he gave those bugs and maggots infested food to his dogs, because it’s absolutely fine. For me, its cruel and disgusting, not to mention unhealthy.

Puppy-Eating-KibblesSo we open another sacks and as you might already guessed, the result are the same. I remember he said something about not willing to open another sacks, and keep trying to convinced me that’s it’s very normal. So in the end I kinda told him that he can go eat that dog food himself and then walk out of that store.

Oh well, we stray long enough from the subject aren’t we. Alright, so here below are the pros and cons of using dry dog food for your beloved four legged kiddo.

The pros:

  • Help puppy to develop a strong jaw
  • Can help remove tartar from dog’s teeth
  • Promoting overall dental health and preventing canine cavities
  • Easy to store
  • More affordable
  • Dogs can eat it whenever they want without any risk the food will get spoiled

The cons :

  • It surely doesn’t taste as good as wet, homemade, or raw food
  • It considered to contain more preservatives
  • Might be difficult to chew for senior dogs or those that has jaws/dental problems
  • Doesn’t provide moisture as much as other type of dog food.

So there you go, the good and the bad of dry dog food. Do you think it’s the best option for you and your pooch? The option is of course, yours. And if you’re about to have your lunch now, I wish you a very good meal time and don’t think about the bugs and maggots. I wouldn’t want you to lose your appetite… cheers 🙂

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