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Best Dog Food

What is the best dog food I should feed my puppy? This is one of the first thing you need to consider when you decide to bring a puppy to your home. Giving them your food, is a not a very good idea. Human food are using a lot of seasoning and ingredient that might be harmful to dogs.

But what if you don’t use any seasoning, using only the ingredients that’s safe for dogs, will it be alright to give human food to your dogs? I’d assume it will be fine and this is what is called by homemade dog food. You can learn a lot of recipe on how to prepare a proper home made food for your dogs from the internet, or you can also get a cook book like Dog Food Recipes 101 Easy Recipes for Healthy Homemade Dog Food Cookbook, Dinner Pawsible Homemade Recipes for Happy Healthy Dogs Cats Cookbook, Healthy Hound Cookbook, or many other available cookbook you can find.


Of course the choice is yours, but please do remember that your decision will affect their life. So if you have decided to include a dog in your household, be a responsible parent by giving them what they need and what is good for them.

orijenFor dog food, I use Orijen Adult Grain Free for Cleo and Orijen Large Breed Puppy for Jayden. There are hundreds variety of dog food in the market. The reason I choose Orijen are because they are grain free, have balanced nutrition, it use natural ingredients, it is known to be one of the best premium dog food in the market, it makes my boys coat shines beautifully, they no longer have digestion problems, and even at his 9 years of age, Cleo is still an energetic and cheerful Husky like he’s always been. And not to mention, they love the taste.

If you think the food your breeder gave their dogs are not good enough and you want to give something else better, I’d suggest you buy the same dog food first in small package, and change it to the new one gradually by mixing the old and new step by step. Start mixing them by 80-20 composition, and go up from there every few days while you keep tab on their body response until you have it changed completely.


By mixing the old dog food and the new dog food gradually, you give time for your puppy’s little tummy to adapt with the changes.

If you switch them instantly, there’s a big chance the pup won’t appreciate it and it will show on their poop… Yep, usually diarrhea will follow after a sudden change in food. Just like how it happens on humans, If you ignore it, it might affect their digestion organs such as intestine, gastric, etc, caused dehydration, and many other health problems. Not to mention it will be messy to clean up.

Dog food plays a very important role on your puppy’s health and growth.

Good dog food will give them balanced and complete nutrition which they need to develop a good bone structure, brain, coat, joints, muscle and everything else. You might see an interesting advertisement, recommendation from here and there, other people’s testimony or even an expert (or those who seems like an expert) opinion about certain kind of dog food. But remember, what works for their dogs doesn’t guarantee it will works perfectly on yours too. The best thing to do here is read a lot, give it a try, and PAY ATTENTION to the puppy’s reaction.

A bad or unsuitable dog food might result in your puppy having digestion problems (like vomiting, diarrhea, or constipation), skin problems, dull coat, excessive shedding, or even more serious problems like seizure, pancreas failure, and many other health issue that can be deadly. If you love your puppy, don’t take this lightly.

There are many kinds of dog food available for your four legged kids. Based on the form dog food are categorized into 5 different kind.

  • Dry food (kibbles)
  • Canned food
  • Semi-moist
  • Raw
  • Homemade

So which dog food will suit the best for your puppy? Like I already mention before, to decide this, it will be best to read a lot, get as much as information as you can get, and don’t forget to consult with your vet. These days, everyone can post anything on the internet and when we don’t have enough experience regarding on the topic, we’re tend to easily get misled. One person’s opinion might be different from the others. So it will be better if you get more than one reference, doesn’t matter how smart and highly educated that person seems to be for you.

Remember, your decision will affect your dog’s life. So please be you know what you’re doing so you don’t make the wrong choice. Because if you do, it is your dog that will be paying for that mistake.

Well, talking about food, it’s lunchtime now isn’t it? I hope you and you beloved puppy have a pleasant lunch and a good day ahead. Don’t forget to kiss them for me, ok. I’ll see you tomorrow with a new topic.

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