Where To Get A Puppy

Don’t Buy a Puppy by Online

What’s wrong with buying a puppy from the internet? Maybe that’s the question you have in mind when you read this.

These days, we can buy and sell almost everything from the internet. 

Up until today, internet are the best media we have to reach people from all across the globe. To make our brand/shop widely known, getting new customers, meet new business acquaintance, and many more. And actually, I found Arthur’s and Jayden’s breeder also from the internet.


So, what’s the problem then? Almost every breeder and dog shelter have a website. The problem with adopting a puppy by online is that if you do it without actually paying a visit to the seller. Having the puppy delivered to your door are certainly more convenient. But, how can you be sure that your puppy doesn’t come from a puppy mill?

Use internet only to gather information. Not to make a purchase or adoption. A good breeder and a legit dog shelter would certainly invite you to visit their place. They would want to talk to you in person first, before they entrust their puppies to you.

One thing I would suggest when you’re browsing for a breeder or shelter is to pick the one that’s close to you or at least reachable for you, because you need to VISIT them.

puppy-onlineIf a breeder or a shelter offer to deliver the puppy to your address, just tell them you prefer to pick them up yourself. If they refuse to let you come or make some excuse to prevent you from visiting, cancel your purchase/adoption. It’s not only to avoid buying a puppy from unethical seller, but visiting and seeing the puppy with your own eyes also will prevent you from getting scammed.

There are a lot of irresponsible people out there that claimed to be a trusted breeder or shelter. You can only prove it’s true or not by visiting. Don’t get tricked by flashy ads. If they ask for a payment in advance, or even a down payment before you actually see the puppy, just cancel it. There’s always a possibility you’re paying for a puppy that doesn’t even exist.

If by any chance they insist you to pay a down payment to seal the deal so they won’t sell the puppy to someone else and let you pay the rest when you pick up the puppy, I would recommend that you find another breeder

If because of some reason you landed on my blog, and you’re still reading up until this point, I would assume you’re a dog lover, or at least you have interest in dogs. And as a dog lover, it’s our responsibility to help put an end to puppy mill and dog kidnapping. We might not be able to do as much as the animal rescue officers, but by stop buying/adopting from unreliable source, we’ve done our part.

If the buying stop, sooner or later the selling will stop too.


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