Where To Get A Puppy

Don’t Buy a Puppy From Pet Shop

Say you have a plan to adopt a puppy. And then one day when you pass by a pet shop, you see a cute cheerful little puppy, the exact breed you want to get. Before you gave in to your impulse, please think about it for like 1000x. I have no right to tell you what to do, but please let me explain my reason why I think you shouldn’t go for it.

Pet shop owner wouldn’t know where the puppies comes from. Either they come from a breeder, or puppy mill. I believe, a good breeder won’t sell their puppies to a pet shop. Because if they do that, they wouldn’t know what’s become of those puppies. And that is not a characteristic of a good breeder.

A good breeder would want to make sure their puppies have a good loving home and a family that would care and provide for their needs. 

The other reason why you shouldn’t buy a puppy from a pet shop is because as much as a pet shop owner/worker seems to know a lot about pet supplies, that doesn’t mean they also know a lot about each and every breed of the dog itself. Only an experienced breeder knows exactly how to care, handle, and raise a dog they breed.

millmaltIf you buy a puppy from a pet shop, and then after you bring him home, let’s say something bad happen to him, you don’t know what to do and your vet happen to be unavailable. Do you think you can call the pet shop owner and ask for a suggestion? And even if you can, are you sure it’s reliable? Which information do you think you can trust more? From an experienced breeder or from a pet shop owner?

Pet shop normally will push for sales. Most buyer would want a 2-3 months old puppy. Why? Because at that age, they are at their cutest. And they younger you bring a puppy home with you, the easier it will be to teach him obedience command, potty train, and house training.

With this fact, do you think they will be picky with customers? Do you think they will honestly tell you about the breed flaws even if they know? Do you think they will ask about your lifestyle, how many hours per day you can spare to exercise and groom the dog, and then refuse to sell to you if in the end they decide the puppy isn’t a suitable breed for you?

against-puppy-buying-from-petstoreThis is a very simple logic. By being picky with customers, they risk to prolonged the puppies stays in their store. And the older they get, the harder it will be for them to get sold. And don’t forget, everyday those puppies need to eat and be groomed, not to mention deworming or any other medical treatment if it’s needed. All of this cost money.

So what do you think most pet shop owner will do when you’re interested to buy a puppy from them? Tell you the truth and risk to fail a sales, or sweeten you up by saying what you want to hear?

It would be better for you to get a puppy from a local dog shelter in your area rather than buying it from a pet shop. If you don’t care too much about the breed or age, animal shelter is the place to go. Like I already mention on my previous post, Local shelter have a wide variety of purebred dog, and sometimes they also have puppies. Beside, by adopting a dog from a shelter, you save 2 life. The dog you adopted, and the one that take it’s place. But if a certain breed and age are important for you, a reputable breeder is the best option.

I do have a personal experience regarding buying a puppy from a pet shop. But as this one is already long enough, I will share it with you tomorrow on a new topic.

Remember though, by getting your dog from a shelter and a breeder, not from pet shop or any other unethical seller, you help prevent dog kidnapping and puppy mills. It’s a simple demand-supply theory.

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