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Where To Get A Puppy

puppyThere are a lot of option regarding on where to get a puppy for adoption. On previous topic, I already discussed a few things you might need to consider if you plan to adopt a puppy, which is your lifestyle, budget, the climate where you live at, etc. So let’s say after giving it some thought, you decide to go for it.

Next question is, where is the best option to get your new puppy. 

Here is a list of option you can consider

  • Local dog shelter
  • Reputable Breeder
  • Friends/relatives who happen to own a dog that just gave birth.

If you see on this 3 option above, I didn’t put pet shop on it. I personally against buying puppy from a pet shop or from an unknown seller (illegitimate). If you wonder why, I’ll explain my reason in another topic, Don’t buy a puppy from a pet shop.

Local Dog Shelter

animal-shelterLocal dog shelter undoubtedly have my vote as No.1 option. Everyday animal rescue officers (bless them) encounter and save so many unfortunate dogs that need a loving home. Either they found them from the streets, puppy mill, or many other places we might not even think of. Cost wise, adopting a puppy from a shelter would be cheaper than if you get it from a breeder. More about adopting a dog from Local Dog Shelter will be discussed on another page.

Reputable Breeder

kennelReputable breeder can be a perfect place for you to get your new puppy if you are looking for a specific breed, especially if lineage is important for you. Some of us might prefer a litter that comes from a champion parents. This is fine too, as long as you’re aware that this puppy will come with a higher price. A lot higher price honestly, like maybe double, triple or even more than a non champion litter.

But then you might ask, with so many breeder out there these days, how do I choose the right one? Well come and follow me then. We will discuss how to choose the right breeder more specifically.


dog-with-ownerIf you have a friend, neighbor, coworker, or any other relatives that told you their dog just gave birth, getting your new puppy from them can also be an option. The good thing about this is that cost wise, this probably will save you lots of money. But even if it doesn’t, at least you can ask a lot of information about how to give the best care for the puppy.

One important note though, for me personally, I will consider this option only if I know for sure the owner take good care of their dog. Remember when I told you about my neighbor who have a female Siberian Husky in a pathetic condition? Well for 1 year since I move in to my new house, that female dog has gave birth 2 times. But she’s so skinny, has poor coat and now she also has skin problem that has been going on for weeks. I already suggest them to consult with a vet but I have no idea if they do that or not.

Buying a puppy from this type of owner, (in my opinion) will encourage them to run a small scale puppy mill.

Maybe you will think, even if you don’t buy it from them, the puppy will be bought by someone else, so it makes no difference. For me, I know I have no rights to decide what kind of business other people should run. But even if they keep running it, at least it won’t be my money that makes it easier for them.

So yea, this are the 3 option that I think would be the best place for you to start looking for your new puppy. What do you think?

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