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Your Dog and Your Food

Good Morning world..
So here I am, enjoying a cup of tea and a few slices of sandwich. Turning on my computer and browsing youtube for some light video. And I found this.

I look to the left, and see my 2 boys Jayden and Cleo giving the same expression as the Husky on the video. But in my case, since I’m sitting on a chair, both of my baby are sitting too.

Cleo has more patience than his little brother. Usually he only sit quietly a little bit behind, waiting until I give him something. Jay on the other side is more persistent. He will make this “wouw..wouw..wouw” sound after a few minutes waiting. And if I don’t even look at him or say something, he will start using his leg to nudge me. If that doesn’t work either, he’ll bark once or two times. Usually he’ll got my attention after that. It’s either I gave him something, or just telling him to wait. If his tricks doesn’t earn him anything after quite a while, he’ll give up.

Jayden is tall enough now that his head can actually reach my plate. But for some reason, he never steal my food even though its right in front of his nose. Yeap… that’s my baby boy.

Giving our food to our dog while we’re eating is developing a bad habit.

dog-asking-foodI believe everybody knows that. But I’m also sure, 99% of dog owner do this (if their dogs are indoor) including me. Back when Jay and Arthur were still 2 months old, they actually never ask for my food. A new adopted puppy doesn’t know that there’s other food beside their kibbles. But hey… when they gave you that “look” who could’ve said no, right? Right. I know I can’t. Unless the food I ate are the kind that they are not allowed to eat.

Most of the times, I ate in front of my computer. So when I want to give them something that I’m not sure it’s ok for them, I do some browsing first. There are a lot of trustable website that offer information on which kind of food that is safe and which one that can be harmful for them. Usually I will look on 3-4 website to be sure.

Chocolate for example. To human chocolate are considered to be the source of antioxidant, can lower the risk of cardiovascular disease, improving brain function and it’s also good for the skin. But for dogs, chocolate can be deadly.

Same thing goes with bones. For some reason dogs are always associated with bones. So some people might think when they eat a chicken leg, it will be alright to give the bones to their dog. Cooked bones are way harder and dryer than raw bones. So the splinter of these bones can hurt the dog’s intestine.

What is good for human, is not always good too for dogs. Some even are so dangerous that they can be deadly. 

If you are a type of person that can’t say no when your dog give you his/her begging look, remember to always make sure that you only give him/her foods that are safe for them. Usually I give them my carrot, broccoli, meat, boiled egg yolk, and a little bit of rice. Oh, fruits too sometimes, but only a tiny bit because too much of fruits might lead to diarrhea.

So that’s my story with my boys. How about you? What kind of human food do you give your dog? What do they do to persuade you to give it to them? Please share some of your stories on the comment box below.



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