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Your Dog and Your Neighbor

How do the people in your neighborhood feel about your dog? Do they like him/her? Do they often complain? Do they tolerate, do they act indifferent, are they afraid, or maybe adore your dog?

There are 1,001 different type of people around us. Some of them love dogs, some just don’t.

Young Couple Walking DogWhen you walk your dog to give them their daily exercise, either you bring them to the park, or just walk around the residential blocks, meeting your neighbors are something that bound to happen. Especially if you live in a high density area. When this happen, people have different reaction from one another.

Today I want to share some stories with you about the people in my neighborhood. Like you probably already know, I have a Siberian Husky (Cleo) and an Alaskan Malamute (Jayden). I take them out for a walk twice or at least once a day. Living in a high density area, meeting my neighbor while walking my boys are something I can’t avoid.

People will give different reaction when they saw you walking a Toy Poodle or Chihuahua and when they saw you with a giant Malamute and a Siberian Husky. Jay my Malamute is only 8 months old now, but his body size is already bigger than Cleo, my Husky (almost 2x bigger than Cleo). While Jay is big on size but have a puppy face, Cleo on the other hand is regular in size but have intimidating face. So yea, as much as possible, I honestly avoid walking them when the streets on my block are busy.

Meeting different kind of people result in different kind of reaction. Husky are quite common here where I live but Malamute are obviously not. The first reaction when they saw me walking Jay are surprised. In a good way though. Most of them say something about how beautiful he is, some ask what breed is he, some mistaken him for a Husky, some ask whether he bite or not, some even ask for his pictures. And some other people choose to stay away because they are afraid. Well, that’s the happy story. But like everything else in life, not everyday is rainbow and unicorn.

barking-dachshundI have this 1 neighbor, who own a dachshund (which is known to be a vocal type of dog) that they keep outdoor. He/She always bark eagerly when me and my boys are passing by. One day, the owner tell me in a very rude way not to walk my boys in front of his house, because his dog is barking like crazy and he has a kid sleeping. It was around 7PM when I walk my dogs out. Which I think is still a normal hour for people to walk around the street.

Well, my boys never bark at anything when I take them out for a walk. But as you might already know, dogs have a very sensitive hearing and sense of smell. So it doesn’t matter how quietly we walk, those other dogs always hear us.

This is what I tell my rude neighbor. “Sir, it’s your dog that barks at mine, not the other way around. If you place a dog outside, it is normal for them to bark at other dog, cat, or rat that passes by, even people or cars and motorcycle. If you don’t want your dog to bark, keep him/her inside the house. I am a resident as much as you are, therefore I have the same right to use the street as much as you do. This street isn’t your private property. And there are no rules against resident taking their dogs out for a walk.” After that, I keep walking with my boys and I hear the very polite and nice guy slam his door so hard, I only hope he didn’t make the door’s hinge fall apart.

I choose to walk my boys after the sunset is because around 4-6PM, there are a lot of children playing on the streets along with their nanny in my blocks. Either they’re running around or riding bicycle. Seeing a big dog like Jay and Cleo could be scary for them, and I don’t want to risk those kids got hurt because they are shocked, scared and then losing their balance and fall when they see my boys.

Another dawarningy, there’s this lady that ask me nicely not to let my boys poop in front of her house, because every morning she always find an unwanted gift that she has to take care of. I smiled at the lady and tell her everytime I walk my dogs outside, I always bring a plastic bags with me. And if they poop, I pick it up and take it back to my house. I found that this request is very normal and acceptable actually. Nobody would be happy if they have to clean up other people’s dog booby trap every morning.

So remember, when you take your dog outside for a walk, always bring plastic bag with you. The more the better, to anticipate if they want to their business more than once.

And when your dog have a tummy problem, better take a break from walking them outside. Because if they drop the bomb, it will be messy for you to pick it up. Living in an area where you have to be side by side with other people means you have to be considerate.  Keeping your neighborhood clean are also a part of your responsibility as a resident. And that include picking up your doggie’s land mine.

Well, that’s a storiey from my part. How about yours? How well does your neighbor accept your dog? Please share some of your most memorable experience you have with your neighbor related to your four legged children.

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