Adopt a new puppy · Dogs and Climate

Dogs and Climate

What does climate has to do with choosing a dog?

As you might already aware, dogs have higher body temperature compared to human. While normal temperature for human are around 97-99°F (36.1-37.2°C), healthy dog body temperature are ranged between 101-102.5°F (38.3-39.2°C) according to AKC (American Kennel Club).

If you live in a country with high temperature climate, I would suggest a short hair breed, especially if you plan to keep them outdoor.

fuuny-huskyA long hair and double coated dogs need cooler environment. Not only to make sure their coat can grow to it’s maximum beauty, but also to keep them live happy and comfortable.

Imagine yourself in a hot place under the sun. Add around 3-4°F body temperature (just like when you’re having a nasty fever). And then add a long double hair all over your body. Well, that’s basically what a long haired / double coated dog feel on a hot climate environment if you keep them outdoor.

Siberian Husky are one of the double coated breed. One of my neighbor happen to own a female husky that they keep outdoor. There was this day, we met when I was walking my boys. The daughter said that Cleo has a very beautiful coat, unlike their husky. I told them that’s because I keep my boys indoor and my air conditioner are on for 24/7. I walk them when the streets are no longer hit by direct sunlight, which is at 5-6AM and at 8PM.

I have to admit that keeping 2 air conditioner on for 24/7 hurts my pocket. But that’s one of the sacrifice I’m willing to make to make sure that both of my boys can stay pretty and healthy. And most importantly, so they can live comfortably. Lucky for me, I made the right choice when I choose my air conditioner.

air-conditionerI’m using PIONEER 9000 BTU ¾ Ton 15 SEER Inverter Ductless Mini Split Heat Pump. I’ve been using this air conditioner for around a year. It has a very good durability, low power which is always good to safe the bill, and it also has some other incredible feature as air dehumidifier, heater, and many others.

Their husky, on the other hand.. Well, if I have to be honest, doesn’t even look like a Husky anymore, apart from her blue eyes. She has a very poor thin coat and her body is also very skinny.

A dog might still be able to survive when forced to live in a non-ideal environment. But their body will adjust to adapt with the situation. One of their way to do that in a high temperature environment is by losing most of their coat, so they can release their body heat easier. In this case, I suppose I can only say… I feel sorry for that dog.

The most ideal thing to do is choosing the proper breed according to your climate. 

In another dog forum I visit awhile ago, I read that there’s a lot of people criticize a Husky owner that live in Texas. I’m sure we all aware that Texas climate are not ideal for a dog like Husky that comes from a low temperature environment. If the Husky are kept outdoor I will agree with this opinion because that dog poor will be miserable. But if the owner don’t mind having them inside the house and have the room cooled with air conditioner, I don’t see any problem whatsoever.

If  you want a dog that’s not suitable with the climate where you live at, you have to be willing to make some sacrifice to make sure they can live healthy and comfortable. This mean spending extra money to make life easier for your four legged child. Remember, they never ask you to bring them home. So if you decide to adopt a dog, you are fully responsible to care for their well being.

Only If you can afford the cost, there are another solution for you who happen to want a long hair/double coated dog, live in a high temperature area, and not comfortable to let them inside your house. But we will discuss this on another page.

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