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Jayden Part 4

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Have you ever heard that Alaskan Malamute are a very talkative dog? Well, if you haven’t try browse some video on youtube and just type “talking alaskan malamute”. You’ll find so many videos there showing how Malamute can talk back at you.

20151006_011702_resizedThe same goes for Jayden. When I talk to him, oftenly he talk back at me with his cute deep howling voice that sound like “wouw.. wouw..wouw”. Some other time, he just bark happily like other dogs do. Cleo only howls when he heard there’s a musical sound outside the house, like when a bakery guy passed by, or ice cream guy. Maybe he sing along with them. But other than that, he is relatively a quiet boy.

About personality, I found that Jay reminds me a lot of Arthur. Both of them have so many similar behavior. They way they cling to me, the way they annoy Cleo, how they play, and so many other treats.

Before we all go to sleep, Arthur used to ask for his daily share of cuddle. Jayden do the same thing. While Arthur lift both of his front leg to my bed and lay his head on my tummy, Jayden on the other hand just sit next to my bed, and lays his head on it. Well yes, he’s tall enough to do that. Or when I’m sitting on his bed, usually he sit next to me, and lays his head on my shoulder, which I find very adorable and endearing.

I apologize I can’t provide you any pictures when he ask his daily share of cuddle. I did try several times, but since I live only with my 2 boys, kinda hard to take pictures on my own. Everytime I tried, he always move, it’s like he knows my intention.

Well, how about your Malamute? Does he/she talk to you too? Please share with us on the comment box below.

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