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Jayden part 3

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Now I want to share to you the first day I took Jay out for a walk. His quarantine period is finally over and I feel safe enough to take him out so he can have a proper exercise. I carry him down the stairs because back then when he’s only 2-3 months old he’s still scared to do it. And of course, he wasn’t as heavy as he is now. If I wait for him to go down on his own, the process will take from morning until midnight.

C360_2015-10-09-16-41-55-418So there we are, outside my gate. I put him down and start walking. After a few short step, the leash stuck. I turn around, and he’s still there. Right at the spot where I put him. Sitting. Refuse to budge even a little. Okay, so maybe he’s scared. I squat down, and he walk toward me. I start to walk again a few step, and he froze again on his last spot.

So some of my neighbor also have dogs that they put outdoor (but still inside the fence). Perhaps they sense there’s another dog near by, which is Jayden. And once one dog start to bark, the other follows. It freaked Jay out. He start running back home, in full speed. And I realize, this isn’t going to work.

So the next day, I bring the big brother with me. Jay’s leash was on my right hand, Cleo’s on the left. The walk went so much better that day. It was easy peasy when the street is quiet. They both walking side by side, sniffing here and there. The challenge start when 1 of my neighbor’s dog start to bark. Cleo were eager to go to the source of sound, while his little brother froze in his place. And sometime even running back wanting to go home. So both of my boy pulling me on opposite direction. Great isn’t it. Honestly, not really. But that was back then.

Now Jay can manage to go downstairs on his own, and when I change my shirt and say “Who wants to go out for a walk with mommy?” He goes all excited, jumping around, following wherever I go, and barking excitingly. Maybe he’s saying “Me mommy.. me mommy”. Who knows, right? Many times, he even refuse to go home after we’re done walking. He stop right in front of the gate and won’t come in until I squat down. It’s funny how the situation can change like 180° in just 1-2 months.

Does your puppy have problem with walking down the stair? I will tell you how to teach a puppy to go down the stair on another page.

Does your puppy freak out when you take him/her out for a walk? We will discuss how to exercise your puppy outside without trouble later on.

So, if you have any story, funny experience about the first time you walk your puppy outside, please share the memories with us on the comment box below

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