Adopt a new puppy

Adopt a puppy

Today Woofstory want to discuss about adopting a puppy. If you have a plan to do this, there are a few things you might want to consider first before going through with your decision. When I adopt my 2 boys, which is Arthur and Jayden (I didn’t adopt Cleo. He was already there when I join our previous household and I decide to bring him with me when I move out), I do a lot of thinking. Consider this, consider that.

For me the first thing you need to consider before adopting a puppy is that have you ask yourself what kind of parent/owner are you going to be for this dog? 

german-shephard-puppyLots of people, including those I personally know, adopt a puppy just because they think it’s cute. It’s more of a rush in the moment kind of decision. Well, all puppies are cute, doesn’t matter what breed they are. They don’t think that when they bring the puppy to their home, they have signed a 12-15 years terms of contract to care, love and provide.

Dogs are living being that will depend on you since the first time you brought them home until the day they take their last breath. If you can’t afford to care for them in every sense of the word, you might want to rethink your decision to adopt a puppy.

I learn the hard way and made so many mistake with Arthur, my Golden Retriever. I gave him proper food, I bathed him regularly, I play with him, I love him, I do everything right. But I was careless when it comes to his exercise. He paid for my mistake with his life. And losing him crush me like you can’t even imagine. Because I know, if only I do things differently, he might still be here with me until today.

When you decide to adopt a puppy, be sure you won’t go halfway. Some people I know, gave up their dog for so many reason. Maybe the dog doesn’t behave the way they expect them to be. Some said, they are frustrated because they can’t teach the dog to do this and that (potty train and obedience mostly). Some keep the dog, but neglect them. Some even only end up being in the cage 24/7, or given away to someone else because they are not wanted anymore. And many other case.

The worst scenario I’ve heard so far comes from my vet. When I visit her house, I saw she has like 8-10 Shih Tzu. When we talk about her dogs, I found out that actually she rescued all of them. She rescued more than she can handle that she has to ask her friends to help giving those poor dogs a home.

There are one that she picked at the street on the airport and highway. I don’t remember where else. But there is this one female dog, left behind by her previous owner after she’s giving birth. My vet said her stitches (cesarean section apparently)  were not even dried yet when she found and bring her home.

I know there are a lot of similar news everyday on the internet, newspaper, TV, etc, about dogs being dumped by their owner. But hearing it from someone I personally know makes it more saddening and real. I never understand how people can be so heartless.

A puppy never ask us to take them to our home. It’s solely our decision to have them. So I think it’s only fair if we carry that responsibility to the best of our ability.

Well, if you’re sure you can give the best care and you still want to go along with your decision to adopt a puppy, there are a few other things you need to consider. Let’s say you have set your eyes on a certain breed and plan to get the puppy. Don’t just rush to the breeder and get them. Check out a few things first.

  • What kind of environment do you live at. This will include what kind of home do you live at, what is your neighborhood like, and climate. We will discuss more about ideal home for different type of dog on another page.
  • Budget. Talking about budget here isn’t just the amount of money you can spend for the adoption itself. Let’s say after a few month of saving your income, you have enough to adopt a puppy of your dream. Your spending won’t stop right after you bring the puppy home. On the contrary, it’s only just begun. There are a lot more cost to be covered continuously for dogfood, vaccination, other medical expense, supplement, shampoo, and many others. Also there’s a one-time expense such as bed, toys, brush, leash, and so on and so on.
  • A reputable vet nearby your location. This is also a detail you shouldn’t forget. If you’re new to the area, ask your neighbor which vet do they take their dogs to. It would be much better if the vet also accept house call, in case of emergency. For a large breed dog owner who don’t own a car, this will come in handy. You never know when your dog need a vet (outside their scheduled vaccination).

OK, so you feel like you have what it takes to be able to dedicate enough time and effort to become a responsible dog owner. Environment checked, budget checked, vet checked. What next?

Next step is deciding the perfect dog for you. Alright, let the fun begin.


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