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20160409_234045_resizedThis is Jayden, my 8 month old Alaskan Malamute. I bring him home on October last year. Since Arthur passed away, basically there’s only me and Cleo. Back then, it never cross my mind to adopt another dog. Until one day, at a shopping mall I saw an adult Alaskan Malamute. I’ve always adored Alaskan Malamute for their big size and beautiful look. But I thought they are a very expensive breed, like maybe around US$2,500-3,000 for a puppy. With that amount of money plus a little more, I can rent a house for 2 years. So yea, it’s a no no.

But for some reason  I can’t get that handsome Malamute out of my head. So I start to google for more information, find out the price range, and look for a breeder. I was surprised to find out that actually, a Malamute puppy doesn’t cost that much. I can afford it. Well, of course it’s not a champion’s litter. But I don’t need a champion’s descendant.

Anyway, after giving it some deep thought, learn this and that about Alaskan Malamute, I contact some of the breeder I found on google. Just like what happen with Arthur 6 years ago, my first choice actually wasn’t Jayden. It was his brother. But the owner said, her husband’s friend already made an offer for that puppy. So she offer me another one… my Jay. Well, his name wasn’t Jayden on the certificate. They named him Elvis. No offense to Elvis’s fans out there, but that name just didn’t sit well with me.

Situation at the kennel… puppy heaven

C360_2015-10-05-17-46-35-889To cut the story short, we made a deal for the price, I arrange the transportation to pick him up, I go there, I like what I saw, and bring him home. He just sleep during the trip. It took us around 3 hours to arrive at home. After that, I put him on the floor, let him sniff around his new area, and then bring him inside after a few minutes.

My house is a 2 story house. So first, I let him wonder around on the 1st floor, give him drink and feed him. He ate a full bowl by the way. But if your puppy refuse to eat by the time he/she arrive at your home for the 1st time, don’t worry too much because it’s normal. They need to adapt to their new home. Don’t let this goes on for too long though. Usually the next day, they will eat properly.

After dinner, it’s time for the introduction to the new big brother. Cleo was upstairs. So I carry Jay to the 2nd floor. I sit on my bed with him, and let them start to get to know each other. This time the introduction went well. Jay was on my bed, while Cleo sniff him from the floor. I suppose Jay feel safe enough because Cleo was in a safe range. He didn’t feel threatened. This also takes a few minutes before he start to sniff back at Cleo.

Few minutes later, I put Jay on the floor, and as predicted, Cleo was excited to meet his new little brother. He keep sniffing and licking Jay while Jay sit still on his new bed. I stroke them both and keep telling Cleo how good he is, and telling Jay that he has nothing to be afraid of. I know they don’t understand what I said word by word, but I believe dog can recognize our voice tone. I spoke to both of them in a soothing voice and apparently it works. Because my two boys were calm.

1st meeting went well… woot

The next day, my vet come to check on him. She confirm that he’s healthy and ask me when the last time he got his worming treatment and vaccination. Apparently, the breeder gave him too many dose of worming meds when I ask in detail about how much did they gave him his last one. So I have to wait for a week until I can give him the next treatment, and another week after that for his next vaccination. That mean, bringing him out for a walk is not a safe option because in my area there are around 3 dog that wondering around freely (yes, the owner set them loose) and I don’t want to take any chance they might transmit whatever nasty thing (flea, virus, skin problems, etc.) they might have on my 2months old puppy.

I know staying indoor on a tiled floor is not ideal for a large breed puppy, so to keep him from getting slip I covered the whole 2nd floor with rubber carpet. It takes around 3-4 days for my carpet to arrived and installed. Why rubber carpet and not the usual fiber carpet? Because potty train will take time. And accident bound to happen. It’s much easier to clean rubber carpet than fiber carpet. So for his exercise during his indoor time, I usually only play ball with him, or let him chase me around the house. He also have Cleo to play with.

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