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Jayden Part 2

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Now the challenge begin. Potty training. Before he understand where he’s suppose to do his business, he has a few favorite spot, which is his bed, Cleo’s bed, and my office. Remembering it now is funny, but I have to admit going through the process back then was anything but.

naughty baby doesn’t get to sleep in his bed

During his early day, I found that he has this habit that everytime he’s on a soft surface, he peed. Even though he just peed in the bathroom. So yea, back then my daily routine involved washing his and Cleo’s bed. Waiting for the bed to dry takes around a day. One day I decide that I will take away the bed for a few days. After those days passed, I gave him back his bed. He didn’t peed on it anymore. Guess where he peed… Cleo‘s bed. Yea, he’s that cunning. So I take both bed again, and give it back to him after a few week. By that time, he learn that a bed is a place to sleep, not a toilet.

After a few time getting picked and carried to the bathroom each time he leak on my office, he knows that my office is not a place for him to pee. He never did it when I was there working. The bottom line here is WHEN I WAS THERE. Each time I leave him alone in the room, I will come back to find a puddle.

There was this day. I was working at my office, and he was there with me. A delivery guy come knocking on the door to deliver my food. I went down to get it, but in the middle of the stairs, I remember that I haven’t shooed him out of the office and close the door. I was certain that when I went back up, I’ll have to mop his pee, but I thought oh well… whatever. I keep going down anyway. I pick up my food, pay the guy, and go back up.

As predicted, of course there’s a pee in my office. I went to the bathroom, pick the mop, clean his puddle, and go back to the bathroom. It only took me around 2-3 minutes or so to wash the mop and put it back on the hanger. And when I enter my office, there’s a new smaller puddle. He was sitting next to it. I gave him a killer look and he wags his tail.

A puppy, doesn’t matter how cute they are (because Jay is soooo cute) can also be a jerk sometimes.

I scold him, saying “Jayden NO, bad baby!” while pointing at the puddle. I went back to the bathroom, do everything all over again, and you know what.. When I’m back to my office, there’s the 3rd puddle. And this time, when I was mopping while grunting, he hops around me and make that small barking sound. I goes… that’s it boy.. you ask for it! I pinch his butt until he yelp and running to his bed.

Did he stop peeing on my office after that day? No. There’s still more accident after that of course, but it was the only time he did it 3x straight. How I finally managed to make him stop peeing on my office is that I never forgot to close the door when I’m not there. After a week or two, he never peed on my office anymore, even though I leave the door open.

Making him pee on the bathroom was also a challenge. When I found him start to sniff the floor and circling around, I know that’s the sign that he will leak anytime soon. So I pick him up, carry him to the bathroom, say something like “Come on Jayden, pee”. Sometimes it work and I’d say “Jayden smart baby, that’s my boy”, bla bla bla. Sometimes it didn’t. When it didn’t work, he sniff around, and then stares at me. On another time he’d sniff around, stares at me, and sit while keep staring at me. It was frustrating.

sometimes it’s works… sometimes it’s…. doesn’t -__-

But this potty training stuff only takes a month, which I think isn’t so bad. Considering other people’s dog peed anywhere they want for years.

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