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Siberian Husky are pretty common here where I live. I notice there are at least 2 or 3 of my neighbor who also own a Siberian Husky. Mine are a 9 year old male, named Cleo. And this is my story with him.

20150908_034139_resizedThis is him. I don’t have a picture of him as a puppy because I met him for the first time when he’s already 2 years old (more or less). He belong to someone I used to know, but then decide he’s better off with me, so when I move to a new house, I took him under my roof. Because I know if I don’t bring him with me, he will end up living in the balcony. Or perhaps the owner will give him up to someone else and who knows what will happen to him after that.

Back then, when I first join the household, Cleo did live in the balcony, along with his food bowl, water bowl, pee, and poo (sorry). I always feel sorry for him. He’s always alone and the only entertainment he has was watching people on the street. And it’s really not a big and spacey balcony either. His owner leave the cleaning job to his brother, which only do it for like once in several days. So yes, there’s pee and poo all over the floor. I have no idea how long he’s been living like that, but for some reason, he’s always been a clean dog. He never step on his poo, and never sit or sleep on his pee. He always sit and sleep right outside the door where it’s clean (well, most clean anyway). The only time he’s allowed to be inside the house are when it’s raining.

Shedding period are the worst for him. If u have a Husky, you’ll understand when I said during this time, the amount of fur that shed when u brush them are almost as big as their own body if you put both side by side. Well Cleo never been brushed during his shedding period, so you can imagine how it was for him.

About food, the owner didn’t give him proper dogfood but he give him rice with fried chicken feet or head. Did he love rice and chicken feet/head? Of course, because those chicken are covered in seasoning and they are salty. But is it the best option for Cleo’s health? NO.

So after awhile, I ask his owner to call a pet groomer to give Cleo a bath, and after that let him stay inside the house and start giving him proper dogfood. The owner agreed. I’d like to believe this is the point where Cleo’s life were start to get better.  Since that day, he become an indoor dog and have interaction with another living being, which is us, human.

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