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Cleo Part 2

Siberian Husky are a very smart dog. But they have a mind of their own and their main purpose is NOT to please you.

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Cleo would do something nice that he knows for sure would earn him reward whenever he see I have some food with me. He will sit prettily beside me, giving “the look”, yea I’m sure most of you would know what kind of “look” I’m talking about here. But on another time, he’ll be quite content being on his own.

Are they trainable? Of course. Cleo knows basic command such as sit, come, stop, and some other. And he knows he’s doing something good when I said “Good boy Cleo” and he’s in trouble when I said “Cleo bad boy!”

FB_IMG_1424567370432Cleo is very gentle with puppies. This is something I actually didn’t expect before. Normally, male dog, especially when he’s used to have the whole area all for himself can be very territorial. But this isn’t the case with him. When I decide to get another puppy, which is Arthur, my main concern is are they going to get along? Because they’re going to share the same area. Even though he’s always been a gentle and calm dog, never bite people, he tend to be excited when he saw another dog while I’m taking him for a walk. Back then, I can’t predict how he will react when he’s forced to share his space with another male dog.

But apparently, I have nothing to worry about because the day I brought Arthur home with me, Cleo did nothing that shows he’s unhappy with his new brother. He was pretty excited, wagging his tail, sniffing the newcomer, and didn’t letting out a single growl at all. Basically Cleo give him a warm welcome. Arthur on the other hand, peed on the spot, which is my shirt. Because when I introduced the two of them, I carry Arthur in my arm. But after a few minutes, I put Arthur on the ground, they sniff each other, and become good brothers ever since.

As long as they’ve been together, not even once Cleo did something hostile like seriously bite him. Even when Arthur is being a pain in the butt, like jump on him when he’s sleeping, stealing his food, playfully bite his ear or tail, etc. I think Cleo understand that his new brother is not more than a child that always want to play. And maybe, after being the only dog in the house for years, he welcome the presence of another one of his own. Who knows, right? I can’t read his mind. And of course, most of the time I was there to watch them. Whenever the situation becomes a bit intense, I have to interfere to prevent any fight that might happen.

His calm personality and his days with Arthur is what convinced me to bring home Jayden, around 7 months after Arthur passed away. And yes, as predict, he’s also been a sweetheart to Jay until today.

All and all, what I can say about Cleo is that he has a sweet personality. He’s calm, but can be playful too sometimes when he feels like it. When my new vet comes to visit him few months ago, even she said that she never saw a Siberian Husky with this kind of behavior. Apparently some of her clients also have a Husky, but theirs are far from calm. She said their Husky tend to be extremely active, and some even tend to be hyper active (cough..cough… naughty.. cough).

Do you also have a Siberian Husky? What is she/he like?

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