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FB_IMG_1424567475510This one named Arthur. A very lovely, handsome, happy, and most adorable Golden Retriever ever. Since the first day he come into my life, he become my source of joy. I love him dearly, but unfortunately because of so many mistake on my part, he didn’t live as long as he should be. Remembering our days together always leave a bitter sweet feeling. It made me smile, but at the same time it breaks my heart in pieces. Believe it or not, my tears are falling right now when I write this.

Let me start from the beginning.

The decision to adopt another dog actually come out of nowhere. One of the reason we never think about it is that because we already have Cleo, an adult male Siberian Husky, who might not welcome the idea of having a competitor in his territory. But the more I look on those picture of Golden Retriever puppies on google, the more interesting the idea become.

So, after few days or weeks ( I don’t really remember) the search for breeder begun. After talking, asking, visiting from one breeder to another, to cut the story short, let’s say finally we found this one breeder that we like the most.

Why we choose this breeder among others that we already visit before, I will tell you about it another time.

Actually Arthur wasn’t our first choice. It was another puppy from a different litter. Arthur’s mom was still pregnant back then. But we’re not the only visitor who’s interested to buy that puppy. We were there first, and while we’re having a chit chat and negotiating the price, there’s another person come, and he’s also interested in the puppy we choose. The fact that this other person intend to buy a pair of puppy makes the breeder finally decide to sell the pup to him. He feels bad of course, and he told us that he will tell us when Arthur’s mom giving birth and give us a chance to be the first to see and pick the puppy when they are 1 months old if we’re still interested.

Well, we went home empty handed. A little disappoint yes, but not devastated. Anyway, after a while he did contact us to invite us for another visit because his new litter is 1 months old. We came, and he show us all the puppy, set them all free to play together so that we can see the body shape, behavior, bone structure of each puppy. And bam… that’s when I set my eyes on Arthur. The big, naughty, chubby puppy with face that is sooooo adorable. See his picture and tell me how could I not fall in love with him.


And then after we decide Arthur is the one we choose, the breeder tied a ribbon on his neck to prevent the puppy from getting mixed up with one another. And he tell us to come back next month to pick him up. Around 1 week before it’s time to pick him up and bring him home, we call the breeder and ask him what kind of things we need to prepare for him. He give us an a-z list, and we buy everything on that list. Let me be honest with you, that 1 month waiting feels like forever. And the closer we get to the date, the more we got excited.

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