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Arthur Part 4

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As much as I love and adore my boy Arthur, that doesn’t mean he never pisses me off. I’m sure most of you feel the same way about your four legged kids, right?

Like that one time, when he turn my blackberry phone into a puzzle that’s beyond repair. Yes, he’s teething on my cell phone while I was sleeping. When I woke up and found my phone has turn into a puzzle, and give him a killer look, he knew he did something bad. I open the door to the balcony and told him to get out until I get my emotion in check.

FB_IMG_1424567344492But then I realize, it’s more my fault than his. He didn’t understand that cell phone are a valuable thing. It was me who should’ve put it somewhere safe, out of his reach. Then I let him inside again after I calm down. Believe it or not, but this is true, he has this fear look on his face but he still  tried to made up with me. He keep licking my hand and put his head on my lap. And yes, as predicted, of course I melt.

Same thing happen with my banking token. Now this one is even funnier. Here where I live, when a banking token got damaged, we need to bring it to the bank, give it to them and they will give us the new one. I suppose I can just tell the customer service that my token are missing. But to get a new one without bringing the damaged token, I will have to give them a police report, and I’m too lazy to do that.

So yea, I brought my destroyed token, and I speak to the customer service, tell her I need a new token because mine were damaged. She said she need to take back the old one before she can give me the new token. So i gave it to her. There were this 5 second of awkward silence until she ask, what happen to this token? Maybe she think I chew on it when I have nothing else better to do or something. I told her my dog did it. And she goes, your dog did it? And I told her with a flat face, yes. And she give me some form to fill, and then give me the new one. I have to admit, that day was a little embarrassing.

Remember on part 3, I told you that the breeder told me that Golden Retriever has a very sensitive feeling. All the time I raise Arthur from a puppy to a fully mature dog, I never saw this sensitive side of him. I come to a conclusion, ok maybe his dog is sensitive, but mine obviously are not. Guess what, I’m wrong. They really do can sense your feeling. At least, I know my Arthur can.

There was this day, when I cry in my bed. I had a problem and it makes me feel so miserable. Arthur did something he never done before. He get on my bed, he whimpers a little, lick my tears and then he lay his head on my shoulder. Among other wonderful memories I had with him, this is the one I cherish the most. Because that moment, he made me feel that I’m not alone, he’s with me every step of the way. He knows I was feeling miserable and he gave me his love and support that’s not even a human can give. So pure and unconditional. I feel like he was telling me that it made him sad to see me sad. I’ve always love him, but that moment, I feel I love him more than ever.

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