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Arthur Part 3

Good morning doggie lovers, today let me continue my story with Arthur.

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Well, it is true what everyone said that Golden Retriever are one of the most intelligent dog the world has known.

FB_IMG_1424567370432I don’t recall teaching Arthur the “sit” command. All it takes for him to learn to sit on command was see that whenever we tell Cleo to sit, and he did it, he got a treat. This picture were taken with me holding a treat on my hand.

Is he naughty during his puppyhood? I believe 99.99% of the puppy in the whole world are naughty. Arthur was certainly not a part of the 0.01% population.  Yes, he chew on everything, he got bored easily with his toys, and he annoys Cleo a lot. He prefer my hand or my leg because his “mommy toy” can yelp and run so it makes it more challenging for him than a rubber ball that can only squeak and roll.

I can safely said that I never saw a dog with a personality like Arthur. I don’t know, perhaps I’m biased when it comes to my boys. But for me, everything about him are adorable. I remember one time his breeder said something like this “Golden Retriever have a very sensitive feeling, they can sense when you’re feeling upset. One time when my daughter was crying, Quinna our female Retriever stroke her head out of nowhere and then curls next to her.”

For a long time, I remember those word while I watch Arthur grows, and questioning…. his Quinna can be a soft hearty toward his daughter, why are my Arthur always act so goofy that it made me laugh. He likes to seek for attention, like when i work on my computer, he sit next to me, lift his paw and put it on my thigh. A signal that he wants me to give him some love.

Usually when he did this, I kiss his cheek or forehead, or his nose and give him some stroke, and then get back to work. A few minutes later, he did it again… I stroke him a few times and get back to my work. He did it again and I said “No Arthur, mommy needs to work”. Can you guess what he usually did when I refuse to stroke him? He goes to the corner, slam his body on the floor, and exhale a deep breath. He made it clear that he doesn’t like my response. And yea, it never fail to put a smile on my face.

IMG_20150212_015119He also like to steal something, usually laundry, rubber flip flop, or socks, just to make me chase after him and get back whatever it is that he stole. He purposely walk in the direction where I can see him, or sit somewhere near me with his stolen goods and give me this “Hey, look what I got” kind of face. The more I tried to take it back, the more he insist on keeping it. And sometimes I have to trade that thing with a treat. For a long time I fall for this trick, until one day I decide to ignore him when he steal my laundry. He hold it on his mouth, and I let him.. After a few minutes without any reaction from me, he drop it on the floor and ignore the laundry completely.

One other thing that never fail to make me smile is that he always look in the mirror and wag his tail whenever I said “Arthur, where is mommy’s handsome boy?”. No one ever teach him that and until today I have no idea how he manage to do it everytime. Maybe it’s because it never fail to earn him a hug and praises from me.

If you’re wondering, is everything he do always put a smile on my face? The answer to that is 90% yes. But there are this 10% of what he did that makes me want to pull my hair off. I will share those moment with you on the next chapter.

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