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Arthur Part 2

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Finally, it’s time to pick him up. I was sick for a few days before we pick him up. I had fever for days, which regular medication doesn’t work. I have trouble breathing, my tongue can’t feel a thing, well.. all in all, I feel terrible. But that day when I pick him up, I feel a lot better .Not healthy kind of better of course,  but better than the previous days. So yea, we went to the breeder, and how surprised I was to see Arthur has outgrown his brother and sister, he was so big and cuter than the month before. Even the breeder said, we have made the right choice by picking him.

On the way home I learn one lesson. Arthur has a soft stomach. He can’t handle the car trip very well. He was on the backseat with my other 2 friend, and he gave them his first gift. Yep, he puke on them. From what I can remember we didn’t over speed, we keep the window open to give him fresh air, and everything is just normal. Well, that trip was kinda messy. But anyway, we arrive at home. I carry Arthur in my arms and introduce him to his new brother, Cleo.

Cleo was so happy and excited. He’s wagging his tail, sniffing Arthur here and there. But Arthur on the other hand didn’t seem that excited meeting his new big brother. He peed on me, yes… he did. This is pretty normal actually, when you bring a puppy to a new area, everything and every creatures are a stranger to them. So it make perfect sense if they got scared. After I calm him down, stroking his little body, and whisper him words of comfort, he start to sniff back at Cleo. This first meeting is one of my “aaaawwh….” moment with my boys. Then when I’m sure he’s not afraid anymore I put him down, and their brotherhood begin. Was it all pretty and happily ever after instantly? Well…What do u expect… Of course not.

There were some sniffing around, the little one sniff on the big one, the big one turn around and sniff him back, the small one run away scared under the table, and those kind of things involved. But I’ll cut the story short. The bottom line is they get along even better than I expected. And I was more than happy with the situation.

2-3 days after we brought Arthur home, I have to be hospitalized for a few days. Because it turns out, the fever I had for the past 5 days were not just a regular fever. I got a dengue fever. So I have to stay at the hospital. But after I got back, the new brothers apparently has form a bond with one another.

I consider myself to be lucky that Cleo has a very welcoming attitude towards another dog. Not every dog, especially male, will treat a puppy the same way Cleo welcomes Arthur and Jay (later on). About how to introduce your dog to a new puppy, we will discuss that on another topic.

Anyway, considering this is already 5AM in the morning, I’ll continue my story tomorrow. I hope you all have a very nice rest, and have a sweet dream. Don’t forget to kiss your doggie good night for me

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